• Week 1: #PitvsWas – Preseason Anyone?
  • 9 Tips for Attending Redskins Training Camp
  • Redskins DB’s LOCKDOWN!!!
  • #RedskinsRVA Starts July 28th, 2016
  • Washington Redskins & their support of the Armed Forces

Redskins Designated Pub Las Vegas

Heads up to any Redskins Fans traveling to Las Vegas during our 2016 season. I was recently in LV for work and wanted to find a place I could see and hear the Redskins game. Steiner’s was listed as a Redskins designated rally pub. They are located about 11 miles from the strip. http://steinerspub.com/ PLEASE NOTE ONLY THE N.BUFFALO Location is designated Redskins Pub! They are open 24/7 and offer a…


Week 1: #PitvsWas – Preseason Anyone?

There’s nothing worse than a complete letdown.  Do you remember when your parents asked you specifically what you wanted for Christmas and you told them?  I wanted a Team Associated RC-10 remote controlled car one year for Christmas and it was all I could dream of.  Christmas Day rolled around and you know what I received?  It wasn’t a RC10 remote controlled car but 10 pair of socks, individually wrapped…


#HTTR Upgrade

  Today the Redskins unveiled an upgraded version of the #HTTR hashtag that is being met with significant happiness from the Burgundy & Gold faithful.  Now when you tweet #HTTR the Redskins team logo appears next to the hashtag.  This subtle yet powerful improvement is really going to increase the use of #HTTR in a major way.  Redskins fans were already heavily active on Twitter but with this hashtag enhancement…


53 is the Magic Number

    Today reminds me of the Charles Dickens Classic A Tale of Two Cities when it comes NFL teams working to get their rosters down to the mandated 53 players. For many would be NFL players this day will be either the best of times or the worst of times.  For many fans and media it’s about keeping track of who makes the roster of an NFL team but…


Ross One Handed TD Catch is the Best Play of the Pre-season

Typically when we’re talking about the Washington Redskins receiving corp we usually don’t get down to Rashad Ross.  However last Friday night Ross became the hero who’s star shined the brightest in a victory over the New York Jets.  Ross was able to snag two touchdown receptions including a one hand catch that became an instant highlight for the Redskins faithful.   During the pre-season it’s important to make a…

Redskins Training Damp

9 Tips for Attending Redskins Training Camp

This year, I was able to take my son to his first Redskins Training Camp. Living in Charlotte, North Carolina, having camp in Richmond was convenient-ish so I decided to tack a few days on to summer vacay and head on up. Here are a few things to keep in mind. 1. Follow @RedskinsRVA on Twitter. Watch the schedule and follow the twitter feed for the training camp facility. When…


Redskins DB’s LOCKDOWN!!!

  It’s no secret that I think the Redskins Social Media Team is one of the best outfits in the National Football League.  The variety & frequency of fresh, robust content that is generated for public consumption really allows fan all over the world to get an insiders look into hardwork the the team is doing to prepare for the 2016 season. Recently the Redskins posted this tweet with only…


#RedskinsRVA Starts July 28th, 2016

Redskins Training Camp is right around the corner and fans are eager to see the Sons of Washington up close & personal. When training camp kicks off it means the Redskins are in full fledge preparation mode for the 2016 season. However, training camp provides an excellent opportunity for fans to interact with their favorite team and it’s free. Richmond has been an amazing host city for Redskins Training Camp…


Washington Redskins & their support of the Armed Forces

One of the things that the Washington Redskins do on a consistent basis is identify opportunities to recognize the service of our men and women in uniform.  For the Redskins this isn’t merely a token act of favor, rather its a legitimate commitment to the armed forces of the United States. Memorial Day is a holiday that commemorates our troops that have made the ultimate sacrifice to safeguard our precious…