Washington’s Weapons








If any Redskins fans are avid users of social media you have to be impressed with the robust array of content generated by the Redskins Social Media team. This week the team has gotten back together for OTA’s in preparation for the 2016 Season. As result of the OTA’s the Redskins Social Media team has posted compelling pictures & video content of the early season practices. One picture that captured my attention was a shot of Pierre Garçon, DeSean Jackson & Jordan Reed running together.

When I saw this picture I immediately said to myself WOW, look at those weapons that the Redskins have on their roster. In 2015 one of the reasons why Redskins Quarterback Kirk Cousins had a great season was due to the level of talent he had with the team’s Wide Receiving Corp & Tight Ends. At the beginning of the season it appeared that the Redskins were going to be a run first team however, team didn’t sustain a consistent running attack. As a result of the struggles with the team’s ground game, early season losses started to pile up. However In the midst of a challenging period, the Redskins gradually started to shift into passing team.

Once the Redskins shifted to a passing team the team’s fortunes changed for the better. During the first 8 games of the 2015 Regular Season the Redskins went 3-5 & they didn’t win any road games. By the end of the Redskins eighth game there weren’t many people that felt like the Redskins had a playoff run in them. Even though the Redskins were losing, the Burgundy & Gold Faithful started to see flashes of brilliance in the team’s passing game. In Week 4 Redskins QB Kirk Cousins lead a game winning drive that was sealed with a TD reception by Pierre Garçon. I think that’s the game when the Redskins slowly started to get their passing game mojo back.

There were two games in 2015 that I believe gives #RedskinsNation A clue as to how potent our offense may be in 2016. These Redskins victories over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers & New Orleans Saints. In both games the Redskins were able to unleash relentless offensive onslaughts on the opposing teams which lead to impressive victories. It was also during these games when we saw the emergence of Jordan Reed and his ability to be an elite Tight End in the National Football League.

Even though the Redskins were starting to move in the right direction and their offensive production was improving dramatically, it wasn’t until the return of DeSean Jackson from injury when we saw the full might of the offense. Jackson’s unique ability of world class speed & ball tracking ability brought the deep threat back into the Redskins passing portfolio. The return Jackson signaled to the league that the Redskins Passing game could attack anywhere on the field. The shift in the Redskins offensive philosophy allowed the team to go 6-2 in their final eight games and win the NFC East division title.

If Garçon, Jackson and Reed can remain health with the additions of veteran Tight End Vernon Davis and rookie Josh Doctson, the Redskins passing attack can be even more potent in 2016. Kirk Cousins has awesome array of talented pass catchers with the ability to torment opposing teams secondary units. I’m really looking forward to see how Coach Jay Gruden will deploy these weapons that will lead to many victories in 2016.