9 Tips for Attending Redskins Training Camp

Redskins Training Camp

This year, I was able to take my son to his first Redskins Training Camp. Living in Charlotte, North Carolina, having camp in Richmond was convenient-ish so I decided to tack a few days on to summer vacay and head on up. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Follow @RedskinsRVA on Twitter.

Watch the schedule and follow the twitter feed for the training camp facility. When there is foul weather, they announced it on their feed first. I set up their twitter to alert me whenever they post and with the weather lately, I would too.

2. Parking is free, if you can find it. Otherwise expect to pay.  Not FedEx prices but pay.

3. Gates open at 9am, warm-ups start a little after 10am. I preferred getting there in the morning as people packed in for practice.

4. You can bring in food and drinks so DO IT! Bring something to sit on, something to keep the sun off of you and go to town. There are kids areas which even includes a Xbox kiosk.

5. Don’t be the guy who wears a Tonyx Romo jersey to Redskins Training camp.  Just no.

6. The players are very accessible but be respectful. Make yourself a cheat sheet or use the app for reference to get the new players names right. I found it much easier to get signatures and pictures after walkthroughs than practice.

7. Kids and cleavage get attention. These are men, away from their wives and girls for three weeks. Good looking girls get noticed as the kids are allowed to run on the field after practice with a player.

8. Bring something to sign and lots of sharpies.  They sell both there but at a markup.

9. Post your tweets, Instagram, snaps, Facebook with the hashtag #SkinsCamp.

Overall, I loved my two days in the Richmond and look forward to making it an annual tradition with my son.
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