53 is the Magic Number



Mack Brown rushing against Tampa Bay in the final pre-season game.

Today reminds me of the Charles Dickens Classic A Tale of Two Cities when it comes NFL teams working to get their rosters down to the mandated 53 players. For many would be NFL players this day will be either the best of times or the worst of times.  For many fans and media it’s about keeping track of who makes the roster of an NFL team but for these players it’s their lives.  For a vast majority of these players football has been a primary focal point of their lives & this day many players will learn either their dreams will be fulfilled or deferred.


Regardless of the outcome I wish all of these young men the best of luck in their future endeavors.  One thing is for sure, identifying which players that will make a 53 man roster illustrates how challenging it is to play in the National Football League.  If a player is able to earn a roster spot they have truly beaten the odds and accomplished something significant in their football careers.  So on this day lets congratulate the players that make a team & salute those players that gave it their all to realize their goal to play in the NFL.