Week 1: #PitvsWas – Preseason Anyone?

There’s nothing worse than a complete letdown.  Do you remember when your parents asked you specifically what you wanted for Christmas and you told them?  I wanted a Team Associated RC-10 remote controlled car one year for Christmas and it was all I could dream of.  Christmas Day rolled around and you know what I received?  It wasn’t a RC10 remote controlled car but 10 pair of socks, individually wrapped so it would feel like I received 10 presents.  That was a letdown just like the Steelers vs Redskins was a letdown.  But should it have been?

The reality is that the Redskins are absolutely horrible in nationally televised games.  Since the Joe Gibbs era, suffice it to day their record isn’t any good.  In fact, if I were Dan Snyder, I would protest every time the league attempted to put the Redskins in a nationally televised slot.  In fact, I’d construct the new stadium with no windows, a solid roof, no seats, and only a smoke stack to signal fans gathered around the stadium who ultimately won – kinda like the way they select the Pope.  But that’s ludicrous.

Unlike some that seem to jump on and off the over-reaction bandwagon, I will say this: the Steelers are pretty good and the Redskins looked rusty.  Last season against the Dolphins, the team looked completely rusty, like they weren’t prepared for the game.  Kirk Cousins wasn’t seeing the field and his timing with his receivers was off, the defense got worked over like someone who owes the mob money and the O-Line was woeful at times.  If you’re wondering why I didn’t mention the defense, well I tried to let the many adult beverages the team’s inability to stop the run….and pass.  And run and pass.

It’s almost like the NFL should have some sort of, I dunno, scrimmage-series of games that don’t count to help the teams prepare for the regular season.  That would really help this team perform in the early half of the season.

Wait?  They have one of those??! GET OUT!!! It’s called preseason and it’s 4 games long?!?  I bet only the inexperienced players are allowed to … WAIT anyone can play?  Do the coaches know about this?

Preseason Football

I get it.  It’s popular to hate on preseason because “the games don’t count”.  However, unless you’re a very experienced team with really good players, not playing your starters in the preseason pretty much leaves the first quarter of your season up for grabs.  Sure, you don’t want anyone to get hurt (Tony Romo being the notable exception) but at the end of the day, that’s the challenge you’re faced with.  Do you risk getting boat-raced on national TV and looking like a bunch of ill-prepared over-priced players or do you gut it out take advantage of this time to build chemistry?

On the Redskins Gameday radio show on WGNC tonight, I predicted this was going to be a close game, decided on the foot of the kicker.  Well, I had a part of that prediction right.  Hopkins was fantastic like normal but you’ll never win kicking field goals when the other team is scoring touchdowns.

So Jay, my buddy, please consider this one piece of advice from someone who is so out of shape that he sweats when he’s sweating: play the starters in the preseason.  It’s there for a reason!

Next week, the Dak Prescott led Dallas Cowboys come to town, followed by the Giants and a few weeks after that the Eagles.  The next 6 weeks will decide the season. I hope to God everyone is ready.